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I have exactly one blog post to tell you why you should YES GO ON AND READ THIS BOOK. I have literally been waiting for this book since it first was available for preorder.

Anyone who knows me knows that Adam Silvera is one of my favorite authors (and people) of all time. I loved his first two books.

I ended up buying it at the Decatur Book Festival anyway (blog post on that coming later), but I don’t mind. It’s actually funny that Adam remembered my tweets about this when we spoke in person. I’m just going to give that to a friend.


Rating: 5/5 stars

Sarah's Sucky Summary: Two boys, alerted by the ever-omniscient Death-Cast, receive the call that they are going to die in 24 hours. Not wanting to waste their last days alive, they meet on the Last Friend App and learn what it truly means to live as if there are no tomorrows.


When I bought it right before the panel with Adam and Daniel, I immediately started reading it and was floored. Now, I am a little shocked to say, that in my opinion, it is the least heart-wrenching out of all his books, and that’s not a bad thing. Yes, you read that right. And it tells y’all new people about the kind of author Adam is, if his happiest book is titled, They Both Die at the End.

It is heavily quotable (if any of y’all have seen my Goodreads updates, you know what I’m talking about.

I love how Adam’s books are pretty contemporary YA, but with one little bit of maybe science fiction that he incorporates so seamlessly into the story that it feels like a normal part of everyday life (such as the Leteo Procedure in More Happy Than Not or Death-Cast here). It’s not a talent most writers have.

I also love how he doesn’t just have the two main character’s perspectives (Rufus and Mateo), but EVERYONE who even is mentioned in the book has a little bit about them, just to remind us they are alive too, not just minor characters on the page. He tells everyone’s story and I love him for it.

My favorite chapter was Zoe and Gabriella’s chapter, where he elaborates on a character we wouldn’t have even had another thought over. It was a sweet little touch.

Mateo is my sweet cinnamon roll child and he is so pure and sweet and UGH. Rufus, he’s hard around the edges, but I loved him so much. I cried over their short time together, and all their potential days they couldn’t have. I think that’s what sticks with me the most about this whole book.

I have a few questions regarding Death-Cast: – It can’t be completely foolproof, right? Like what if someone wants to kill themselves, but changes their mind? Wouldn’t that make the call wrong? Or is it like the reverse of Greek prophecies (where they try to avoid their fates and end up causing them), but instead the doing nothing is what causes the death? They just accept the fate they were given (especially with Rufus’ family). Does that make Death-Cast murderers?

I find that with a lot of Adam Silvera books, he always has songs that he mentions throughout the book, which I do end up listening to as I write my reviews.

Here they are: – Take This Waltz by Leonard Cohen – Come Way May from Moulin Rouge – One Song Glory from Rent – Just the Way You Are by Billy Joel – Vienna by Billy Joel – Tomorrow, Tomorrow by Elliott Smith – Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen – A Fond Farewell by Elliott Smith – Because the Night by Patti Smith – Try a Little Tenderness by Otis Redding – American Pie by Don McLean – Elastic Heart by Sia – Your Song by Elton John

Y’all already know I was gonna love this book, or should’ve expected it.

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