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Thought I would try something different and review a horror for y'all because I love this genre and I'm procrastinating lol.

Rating: 4/5 stars

I liked it better than the first Annabelle (still need to watch Creation), but the actual Conjuring films still have my heart. Honestly, anything that isn't actually directed by James Wan in this franchise always seems to fall short to me.

But onto my review.

Plot: I LOVED the story behind the whole film. I thought it was a creative endeavor, and I think it appeals to those who like supernatural, demonic movies versus maybe possessed dolls or ghosts. And the twists are top-notch.

For the especially squeamish, it also has some comedic relief.


It does rely heavily on jump scares, which I didn't love, but at least the scares were good if that makes sense. Like they weren't there just for shock value, they actually meant things to the plot and drove it forward.

There's not much gore, just a bit of blood, so it's pretty manageable.

I would say the worse thing is Valak itself lol, just because they managed to create such a creepy and unsettling look for it. (Sidenote: I LOVED the theme music that would play whenever Valak was on screen.)

Technical Stuff:

I wasn't too fond of the acting in this one; it was kind of bad - but that also might be a directorial issue rather than the actors/actresses. I know Taissa Farmiga and Vera Farmiga are siblings and they look alike, but I'm not sure Taissa was the right fit. Her acting was just a little off to me, which is why I docked off a star.

Same for whoever played Father Burke and all the nuns.

Cinematography was BEAUTIFUL and gothic and dark and creepy and unsettling and UGH I loved it.

Overall, I liked the movie and wasn't too disappointed. Am definitely gonna add it to my library so I can own the whole franchise at some point.

Would I watch it again in theaters? Maybe.

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