• Sarah Taphom


f t c: I was sent a free copy of this book from Smith Publicity in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Summary: A group of teenage boys find themselves facing off against the KKK amid the racial tensions set against a 1950s country backdrop.

To me, it reads very much like a memoir - kind of mimicking the style of books like To Kill a Mockingbird (though the book wishes it were that poignant).

I'll be honest, this was another book that I unfortunately could not bring myself to finish.

First of all, there is the excessive use of the n-word that I believe shouldn't be used by a non-black author under any circumstance - no matter if it's the norm for the time period the book is set in or not. There is also no warning or anything to prepare the reader for such slurs being used in the book.

Second, the main characters seem almost White Savior-esque - they think that because they aren't outright lynching every black character, or that they "treat them well" compared to other characters - that they are good people.

I also don't believe that any member of the KKK should be painted as just a regular, good person with alternative views - as this book seems to suggest from the 1/4 that I managed to stomach.

Like with the other book I received, I can barely give this book a 1/5 stars, and that's being generous.

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