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f t c: I was sent a free eARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Release date: May 7, 2020

Summary (courtesy of Amazon): Bridesmaiding is a tedious business at the best of times, but as Julia discovers, the task is particularly cumbersome when one of the brides is your ex and her fiancée won’t stop sulking about it.

With the wedding threatening to dominate everything for the rest of the year, a bewildering embrace with a devastatingly attractive pop star offers a welcome distraction. Dating Krisha catapults Julia away from the paltry concerns of dress fittings and hen dos, but it also takes her away from her friends, and directly leads to her most disastrous f**k up yet. Much to her surprise, she discovers that embracing the role she’d accepted so reluctantly might just be exactly what she needs.

Rating: 3.5/5 stars

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I don't read Adult Fiction/New Adult too too often, so this book was a nice way to get my toes wet. It was a quick read, and I can imagine someone getting this out in a single sitting or two, because the writing and dialogue just flows from the page like something on TV.

You're thrust into the lives of this group of lesbians (the author herself is also in a relationship with a woman), but focused mainly on Julia, who I think is in a position many may find themselves in: miserable at a job she only cares about for rent purposes and more cynical of the dating scene (small dating pool, interconnected to literally every lesbian ever, experimental girls, dating app drama, etc.)

We follow her life and can't help but feel bad for her situations, but also upset at some of the decisions she makes (like going back to a effboi-ish partner - even if that partner is a hot (emotionally unavailable and mercurial) pop star).

I think the book navigates the highs and lows of Julia's life without being overly mean or unrealistic. The more steamy scenes are not gross or derogatory, and appropriately, characters are eventually called out for shitty behavior instead of excused or ignored.

The other characters, her friends, could have used some fleshing out, but I chalked that up to Julia living in her own head at times.

It's not a book I would normally pick up, but I definitely don't regret reading it. I may even branch out into this genre more often now.

However, there are some heavier subjects like abusive relationships, self-harm, and substance abuse, so I believe the author should have some kind of trigger warning before the book begins.

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