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*dusts off computer* I hope y'all remember me, despite the fact that my last post was like in March and was just a review I was asked to do and not a post of any actual relation to my life or what's been going on - not that anyone probably cared, but, this is my website and I do what I want.

All I can say is - 2020.

That being said, there wasn't a day that went by when I wasn't thinking, and by thinking, I mean feeling ridiculously guilty that I was not producing any kind of content while the world was literally battling a couple of major crises.

For the beginning of the things, I wasn't doing much of anything really but sitting around the house being depressed and anxious. I was scared about getting a new job because I wanted to be responsible about social distancing and I was privileged enough to be put into a situation where I needed one.

But since I am an American and we're all "life goes on and fuck everyone with compromised immune systems," I eventually busied myself with a job and then school happened, albeit remotely. Between working almost full-time hours and while being a full-time student, lots of things took backseats, including my passion for reading, writing, and making content about said reading and writing. I didn't have a quarantine glow-up and I consider myself lucky just to have dug myself out of the void this year. I didn't start a small business or go viral on the Internet. I just survived, and that's more than I could ask for, since I know so many people have less than that.

And my life is still moving forward - I'm working on moving out soon and working to save money up for that has taken a toll. My semester coming to an end is going to help alleviate some of that stress, but I won't make promises to myself or others about any kind of consistent scheduling or content creation.

I am trying, but sometimes my best means just wishing I had the energy or mental/emotional capacity to read, write, create videos or Instagram posts, or watch literally anything else but Bob's Burgers (I think my boyfriend is losing all patience with me on that last one). And that's okay. The world is literally falling apart at its seams for some people, and your best looks different on different days. So I guess this is my shoutout to those of us who haven't "taken advantage" of quarantine to grind or hustle or do any sort of self-improvement. You don't owe the world a tax for taking up space in it.

Right now, I'm blogging because I can't sleep and figured I could do something else with myself rather than be alone with my thoughts. Hopefully, I'll get better at this whole blogging thing.



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