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Sooo I just moved in like yesterday and my dorm is already starting to feel like home. Thought I'd show y'all my set-up!

(I am in a suite-style dorm, so I have my own room, but I share a bathroom with one other girl, and the two of us share a living room area/common room with two other girls.)

So here's my bed, which is sort of lofted, but just really low and it's basically the first thing you see when you walk in. The gray rug is from Walmart, and I didn't originally have it. My sister bought it for me so I wouldn't have to make my friends sit on my cold tile floor whenever we hang. The Princess Leia bag you see hanging from my bed is from Kohl's I think. My sheets and comforter are probably both two plain gray ones I got from either Walmart or Ross, I can't remember, but you could probably find them anywhere. My skull blanket on the end of my bed is a Betsey Johnson one I found for under $10 at Ross. BB-8 is a plus from Walmart. The pink and gray/white pillows you see are from Ross. (I have a black bedside caddy thing from the dollar section at Target; you can't see it because the comforter is blocking it. The chair is from our common area in our dorm since I'm too short to climb up onto my bed without assistance. I have a Taylor Swift poster thing that my friend sent me with a bunch of stuff for Reputation, and a spray can painting done by a street artist in New York (@art.tsq on Instagram). My graysexual biromantic flag is from an online store that ships from China (which I know some people don't really care for so I won't link it unless asked). Underneath my bed is my fridge, a bookshelf that came in the dorm, some shoes, and a case of water.

Here, on the other side of my room, is my desk area. There was basically a desk, a drawer, and a random storage thing that I just lumped together to make a really long extended table top.

The chair came with the dorm. Hanging over it is a mermaid tail blanket made for me by some of my best friends. The pink trash can underneath is from Ross.

On my desk, I have these cool lightbulb string lights gifted to me by another one of my best friends, and she said she got them from Walmart.

I also have a really large cork board from Target that I just keep letters from people. pictures, and fun things like my I Wish You All the Best postcard from Mason Deaver, and various Persist stickers I get from Elizabeth Warren. I also have my Kinky Boots playbill - signed by J. Harrison Ghee (Lola). Then I just have some pictures of my friends framed, and the Halloween sign is something from Walmart that I've had for years. The desk lamp is a battery-operated one from the dollar section at Target, and the cup where I keep all my writing utensils was a gift from yet another best friend for my birthday. I have some Halloween cups from Michael's, and  little Android figure from another friend.

I got my TV from BrandsMart, and it's a 32-inch Roku(?) or TCL something, I don't actually know the name lol.

On the right-side, the wall is covered in some prints I got from a street vendor in New York that I probably paid way too much money for, but they're the covers of some of my favorite musicals: Kinky Boots, Hamilton, and The Phantom of the Opera.With those, I have some Penguin Publishing posters I got from a YATL swag bag. They're double-sided, so I hung up two so I could see both sides.

Here's the underneath part of my bed, where I keep my mini-fridge (sold to me by a friend of a friend at my school) that is always stocked with grape juice, yogurt, water, and almond milk. The bookshelf is looking a little empty on the bottom, but I'm going to rectify that situation on my first weekend home. Sitting on top is a Gremlin plush that I got from a friend.

I've had this Ouija board piece for a couple of years now, and I believe it was from Ross. I stole this cart thing from my mom - I think she got it from Walmart. On here I have cereal, disposable bowls, regular ceramic bowls and plates from Walmart, glasses from Walmart, utensils from Walmart, and several boxes of noodles that my mother thought I needed.

So by no means am I done decorating my any means (I'm on the hunt for some like a watercolor Luna Lovegood print and others like that), but I'm happy in the space I'm in and ready to start living my best life.

Hope y'all enjoyed reading/seeing this, and I'll try and post again soon, lol.

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