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I feel like all I've been posting lately are reviews that I'm obligated to post and updates that nobody cares about. I swear I haven't forgotten about this blog - I love the idea of a written platform to communicate longer-form thoughts with, but amidst everything going on in my life, it can be hard to find things to talk about.

My last update was in December 2020, and my life has changed yet again. I dealt with COVID in January and had long-haul symptoms for months, among other things. I might write a post detailing my experience, especially with the different variants going on, vaccination controversies, the possibility of another shutdown, and the fact that I feel like my long-haul symptoms are returning.

As such, my partner and I felt the need to move back to my hometown for the time being, as I'm doing more than full-time hours as I prepare for my last year of college. My life between this point and the last update was filled with moving out, working part-time and being a full-time student, health problems, moving back in, and etc.

While I've been away from the blog however, I have being posting content on other platforms, such as TikTok, which I avoided downloading for the longest time, caved, and am now on it for most of the night. On there, I sometimes post my partner/vlogs, mostly book journaling videos, and the occasional other bookish content. I've yet to actually speak in these videos, but I have been considering a VoiceOver or even just filming myself talk (I'm currently shadow banned however, which does put a damper on my mood).

And apparently, since I hate myself, I've been wanting to get back to blogging and possibly posting longer-form videos on YouTube that will expand on what I post on TikTok. No promises, but it is something I am considering if you want to follow me on those platforms, as well. My Bookstagram is moderately active, but I expect this all to take a backseat once school starts up. I managed to get very ahead on my Goodreads challenge for the year in anticipation of not having any time for reading between classes and my internship and battling the decision of grad school versus finding a post-grad job.

Hopefully, this won't be the last time I post until next year again.

Love, Sarah

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